A short biography

"a free spirit on the bridge of love and emptiness"  •  read full bio

Feriha Tugran was born in a small town of Turkey in 1950. Short after she graduated from Seref Bigali Ateliers in 1973, her journey of color harmony has begun. Feriha performed 30 solo exhibitions and joined lots of group exhibitions all over the world including California, Holland, Indonesia, Iran, Bulgaria and Istanbul.

She won 7 national awards with her signature style. The Artist is a member of UNESCO AIAP, WAF and INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION of ART. Feriha is still performing her best works of art in a private garden called ‘secret garden’ located in a small town of Izmir city.

a retrospective look

"an artist on the bridge of color and emptiness" by Mehmet Kazim • Full article

"It's very difficult to write about an artist and her work because it requires expressing the hidden secrets of the painting in a shape of writing that conveys it's emotional message.The only way to see and to write about what is behind the paint is to be able to read these paintings.However, one should not forget that each process of reading is a separate quest. Besides, each and every quest has its own place that can be observed within a specific frame of perception".


"Painting for her basically is SINE QUA NON" by Mehmet Erguven • Full article

"Her inclination that refers to keep the balance between the empty space and the large surface pattern, makes her fall her into 'the decorative painting trap, but just the same she does not give herself away in an appalling sensibility. Naturally this is not casual, because the 'real' self which is a stain or an perceivable figure carries the traces of the 'staggering ego' with the help of the quality of genuineness in a certain way. As a matter of fact..."